WW2 Bunker Simulator - Official Early Access Release Date Trailer

Get a look at WW2: Bunker Simulator, the game that is a mix of FPS, action, survival, and simulation. Try to make it through each day while at the same time following orders from Command and fulfilling every military task they throw at you. Your fight will not only be with restless Nazis attacking when you least expect them, but also with hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation. Take care of yourself as much as your brothers-in-arms to make sure they will come to the rescue when you need them most. Scavenge for supplies, destroy military targets, fight back enemy waves, send encrypted supply drop requests, and do all you can to hold your ground. WW2: Bunker Simulator launches in Steam Early Access on September 1, 2021. #GameTrailers #Gaming

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