Neverwinter: Sharandar The Odious Court - Official Launch Trailer

Watch the trailer for Neverwinter: Sharandar's Episode 3: The Odious Court, which brings new features, including a challenging battle against a coven of menacing hags from all three episodes of the Sharandar module, new bounties, new heroic encounters, new rewards, and more. In Episode 3: The Odious Court, adventurers travel to the Dark Fey Mire to investigate the fetid swamp tainted by the mysterious dark magic of Velma the Bonegrinder, a deceitful Green Hag, and her sisters from the Odious Court. With frog-like humanoids called Grungs and aggressive Dryads claiming the area as their own, adventurers need to restore safety to the region -- all the while uncovering the role of the Odious Court. Neverwinter: Sharandar's Episode 3: The Odious Court is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PC. #GameTrailers #Gaming #Neverwinter

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