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In today's Daily Fix, Sony has finally announced a Summer Showcase to flaunt their upcoming releases. They had a few smaller events throughout the summer, but nothing on the level of an E3 or gamescom presentation. While this isn't affiliated with either of those events, we can treat it on the same level, as Sony will be showing off upcoming 2021 titles and beyond. We'll very likely get more Horizon Forbidden West, but maybe also some God of War: Ragnarok? The Last of Us Part 2 multiplayer? Something else? Unfortunately we're not getting any PSVR 2 news, so don't hold your breath for that. And speaking of Horizon, Sony also revealed all the different editions Horizon Forbidden West will be available in. Yes, there's a basic one that's just the game, but if you've got the credits, you can go all out and get the one with the fancy statues. But before you whip out your wallet, just know that the cheapest PS4 standard and special editions will NOT come with a PS5 upgrade. Only the more expensive digital deluxe, collector's, and Regalla editions will have the upgrade. And no, you can't pay a small fee and buy the upgrade later, a lá Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. So just be warned that if you buy a standard copy of Forbidden West for PS4, and you end up with a PS5 down the road, you won't get the enhanced PS5 version of the game unless you buy a new PS5 copy. But, yes, the PS4 version is backward compatible with the PS5. So there's that. And today's episode is brought to you by NHTSA! #IGN #Gaming #DailyFix

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