Phoenix Point: Corrupted Horizons - Official Enemy Reveal: The Acheron Trailer

Learn about the Acheron, a new support enemy coming to the Corrupted Horizons DLC for the tactical game, Phoenix Point. The Acheron appears in the chaos after the Pandorans arrive, and while its original purpose is unknown, it now wreaks havoc throughout the world. The ever-evolving Acheron can buff its allies while hindering Phoenix operatives, leaping across the map, firing off pepper clouds to reduce the accuracy of attackers, or even hanging back to heal friendly Pandorans, call for reinforcements, or worse, resurrect dead allies to keep on fighting. Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is available now on PC. Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition, featuring the full game plus four major DLC expansions--including DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons--plus a free next-gen upgrade to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S after launch, will debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside the release of DLC 4 on all platforms on October 1. #GameTrailers #Gaming #PhoenixPoint

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