Horizon: Forbidden West's PS5 Upgrade Strategy Straight Up Sucks - IGN Now

Sony has revealed the different editions that Horizon: Forbidden West will come in. As is common practice in this industry, there's a basic standard edition, a digital deluxe edition, a special edition, a collector's edition, and the ultra-fancy Regalla Edition—the last two coming with fancy statues that will make your workplace desk the envy of your co-workers (or housemates). But unfortunately for anyone getting the standard edition or special editions for PS4, you will not have the option to upgrade to the PS5 version if you ever get your hands one a next-gen console. So if you want to play the enhanced PS5 version down the road, you'll need to buy either the digital deluxe, colector's, or Regalla editions, or straight up buy a PS5 version of the standard release. This is especially frustrating as other recent Sony first-party titles like Ghost of Tsushima have offered a PS4-PS5 upgrade for a small fee, regardless of what version of the PS4 game was purchased. #IGN #Gaming #PS5

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