Samurai Shodown x Guilty Gear - Official Baiken DLC Trailer

Baiken from Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 joins the fighting game, Samurai Shodown, as the 4th Season Pass 3 DLC character. Check out the latest trailer for a look at the character in action. From faraway lands travels this vengeful warrior. Along with her left eye and right arm, Baiken had lost everything when she was only a child. Now, shaped by that harrowing experience, she dedicates her life to tracking down the one responsible for everything--That Man. No land is too far, and no warrior is strong enough to stand in her way. With an unwavering blade and peerless sight, Baiken swears to track and cut down That Man. The Baiken DLC arrives on August 19, 2021. #GameTrailers #SamuraiShodown #GuiltyGear

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