Black Skylands - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Watch the trailer to learn more about Black Skylands, the open-world action-adventure game, as well as get a glimpse of the adventures you'll embark on and things you can do such as vessel and weapon customizationion, and more. Many years ago, the Earth as we know it was transformed, turned into thousands of islands floating high above the surface below. In the new world, the people of Aspya used to live in peace... until it all came to an end. In Black Skylands, take on the role of Eva, a proud daughter of the Earners. After a scientific discovery goes horribly awry, your homeland is plunged into a relentless struggle against the Swarm-a terrifying species that know no mercy and feel no remorse. Black Skylands is available now in Early Access. #GameTrailers #Gaming #BlackSkylands

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